About Us

Lynda Medland and Joanne (Jo) Medland have been visiting Great Barrier Island all their lives, their Great Grandfather Thomas Medland was one of the first settlers on the East side of island in 1865, Medland’s beach is named after the family.

John Medland their grandfather was the eldest of the 5 Medland brothers who built the road linking Medland valley with the Tryphena area, in 1933 the brothers constructed the original Tryphena wharf at the end of Puriri Bay near the Trillium property, using parts of an old barque called the “Veritus”.

John Medland planted some pine trees on his land in Medland Valley and some of these trees were felled and milled by another family friend Alan Gray and used to construct part of the upper story of Trillium Lodge.

Fred Medland, the eldest child of John Medland and father to Lynda and Joanne was raised on the island and helped to construct some of the rock retaining walls on the road near the sea on the way around to the lodge.

Our link to the island goes back several generations for nearly 150 years, we are proud to be descendants of Thomas Medland and enjoy the camaraderie of many relatives also living and holidaying on the island.

Lynda is married to Ian Macalpine she works in travel in Auckland and Ian for  a bank. Joanne is married to Glen Findlay, they currently run a tyre business in Auckland; Joanne also works in Auckland at a city information centre.  Both husbands have been coming to the island for over 30 years and are as attached to the island and what it has to offer as Lynda and Joanne are.  Glen enjoys visiting all the old family fishing spots in his boat while Ian is happy to mow the lawns and eat the fish!

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